Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just in time

joch here, and I need to apologize first for the late post - I logged in and found out I missed so many (long) posts, it took me a while to get up to speed. Well, it's 11pm here, I might just get this one in on time...

So, I had quite a hard time finding a topic to write about, and almost got to the point of making you read a long and boring rant about the Israeli education system [how my daughter got into a new school, and we didn't know until the last day of summer vacation who is her teacher, where and when will the school bus pick her up, or if there will be any school bus for that matter, and which books she needs for the new year (actually we are two weeks into the school year now, and still don't have the full list), and in what time she needs to get in in the morning and when do we have to pick her up from school in the end of the day, and how on her first day the air conditioner in her class didn't work (well I can't blame them for that, they had only two months of summer vacation to get ready for the opening day which came as a big surprise on September 1st), and how the first parents meeting (which took place today, and was quite short since the class teacher is also the teacher of another class and had to go to the other parents meeting) looked like a circus more than a meeting (did you know that UNESCO declared Bridge as the most educating game for kids?), during which we had to sign on a piece of paper torn off the teachers notebook that we allow our daughter to go out for an educational trip out of school tomorrow (well, can't blame them again, this trip was organized at the last minute after the kids complained that the headmistress promised them a bi-weekly trip when she was trying to convince them to join this school, and when the year actually started they were told the first trip will be "Achrey Hachagin" ["after the holidays" for the Hebrew impaired readers, which is the equivalent to "don't call us, we'll call you"])]. But then I've decided you're probably not interested in this kind of crap, so I won't rant about the Isreali education system this time.

And then I thought I should complain about the holiday season coming upon us (how it starts with a grandiose holiday dinner with the whole big family in Rosh Ha'shana, and ends after a month with people promising themselves they will spend the next holiday season as far away from their big family as possible, preferably in a place with no phone lines or cellular coverage, and how they feel guilty the next holiday season if they actually stand to their promise, and how as the years go by they find out that the whole big family feels pretty much the same, and it's only inertia which keeps these holiday get-togethers going, and that their parents are also happy to be as far away from them as possible during the holidays, and that's why they found this "great deal" on a trip to Costa-Rica which - alas - is available only during the holidays, but it's important to keep the family together so why won't you make your mother feel better by inviting your sisters over for a holiday dinner at your place? We'll see you Achrey Hachagim). But this is a subject so beaten up already, I probably shouldn't complain about the holiday season either.

And then I thought - hell, I didn't have time to comment on the other posters posts lately, why don't I collect all my comments into one big post (like saying that although I did enjoy reading the many posts posted here since BPO has left us to his holiday, I had the feeling that people are too damn positive, and it's quite surprising that so many sickly positive people find their way into the man in black's blog, and how I felt the word "god" was used too extensivly, and how I'm amazed again and again to see how Marc is amazed again and again that people from cultures other then his see things differently when it comes to cultural induced behaviour [that was an awkward sentence, wasn't it?], and how kids, as smart as kids can be, still write like kids, and how Yuval is actually demonstrating a psychological projection when he calls Nitzan "naive" while we all know who is the naive member of the Drori family, and how much I miss England. Really. Haven't been there for almost two years. I need a vacation). But then I decided I shouldn't criticize people, some of them I don't even know, when I know how hard it is to come up with a post which won't bore people to death.

Another topic which crossed my mind was how the Media creates news when there are no news to cover (like this CERN black-hole nonsense they were chewing on again and again last week. Or the "Iranian nuclear threat". Or the "looking for Rose" soap opera. Or what's her name's daughter who got pregnant while her mother is running for vice-presidency. People have sex, don't take precautions, and get pregnant, you know. I should know, it happened to me twice. The kids coming out of this are not worse than the ones you were working on for more than a year. I should know that as well, it also happened to me once).

Oops, time is up, and I haven't found a topic to write about yet. I guess we'll have to wait for the next time blackpetero goes on vacation. Good night.


Marc said...

Ah Joch, rambling ranter. You had a good smile going for me until you criticized me :-) No, that's ok. You were spot on. You could be a standup comedian - you definitely get my vote for the most amusing blog of the week.


Anonymous said...

Excellent, Joch, you rule. I think you should start your own blog. You can call it "Joch is always right".

jozie said...

Hey Joch,
Excellent rant.
I am proud of you and I am sure that bpo is too. You had me and Dylan laughing our heads off with your Marc comments. Now that Petero is away, are you going to be posting another one? Can't wait to read it, that's if you can actually find something to write about.