Thursday, February 20, 2014


It's been a strange time here in wet Surrey. Squint central got flooded and we needed to move to a location further west near Reading. Lots of stress and pressure, but the squints are up and running in record time. This place is a little dismal. No windows which makes me sad.

In the central area of this building they have a TV that seems to be on constantly. I hate this. I have a irrational hatred of TV playing while no one is watching. It is constantly set to the Winter Olympics, which here in the UK means constant curling. I never thought anyone cared about curling, but I was wrong. The UK men's and women's (number one in the world) teams are both in medal contention. What a sport. The constant drone about stones and sweepers has become too much even for famed British wildlife commentator David Attenborough who made this tongue in cheek video (He lives in Richmond by the way).

Monday, February 10, 2014

Water, Water Everywhere

This is the sight that awaited me when I drove into squint central UK this morning. Yes, we are flooded. The Thames has been rising and flooded its banks in Surrey. I needed my wellies to get into the building. And still the water continues to rise. This is not good.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I am finally getting back to normal. I got back from the US last Sunday. It is always wonderful to get back to my family, and after two weeks away I was overjoyed to be home. I took the girly for a long walk, bwo made dinner and all was good. Monday morning I took bso to the airport for his trip back to Israel, and then went off to work. Sometime around mid afternoon I began to feel the jetlag creep in so went home.

By Monday evening I was shaking and shivering like a leaf. My temperature climbed through the room and I started to feel very, very bad. I was out for a full week. Completely knocked out. I could not do anything, no reading, no tv, no work, no nothing - just hurting all over. I don't remember missing a week's work due to illness for 30 years. Two doctor's visits and multiple NHS calls later it turns out I got a bad dose of the flu, and then some sort of chest infection. Today, Wednesday, more than a week from when this nightmare started I am finally starting to feel my strength returning. It was a week from hell.

What was amazing through all of this, was my wife. I have been known to give her a hard time, it's true. But should you be sick, there is no one in the world that can take better care of you. No one is more sympathetic and patient. No one is more gentle and loving. After a few days of laying near death in my bead, sweating and freezing, moaning and complaining, I could not even stand myself! Bwo was there day and night, "now, nowing", feeding, hydrating and just looking out for me. I am so dammed lucky.