Thursday, January 22, 2015


Thankfully my time in Folsom CA is nearing its end. I'm off to Houston for a few days and then back home to the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. It has been a long trip. One thing I have noticed and commented upon in the UK is how much the British love signs. There are signs everywhere politely explaining what to do, what not to do, where to go and where not to go. These may even explain why. I have been ranting about how these signs are just another example of the "nanny state" taking over. But, hey, nothing beats California for sign pollution. Everywhere you go there are signs telling you just how dangerous life is. Many of these seem to be based on something ominously called "Proposition 65". Every store you go into has the following signs posted everywhere.

Outside the elevators in our hotel was this sign:

But my overall favorite sign is the one pasted all over the roof of our hotel room. Wherever there is a fire hose sprinkler there's a sign telling you that hanging your clothes on these sprinklers is not a good idea. Damn, I'm just going to have to use the cupboard.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Dog House

You may well ask where's the beloved Roxy while bwo and I jet around the world. Roxy, the wonder dog, is vacationing with "her boys". On arriving in the UK we lucked out totally in being adopted by Jenny and her family. Jenny, who works with me (actually mostly I work for her), introduced us to her dad (the dog whisperer), the family, and their two Great Danes, Talon and Merlin. They are Roxy's boys. She loves them and all of the family as absolutely as only a dog can. So whenever we go away for any extended period, Roxy goes on holiday. She has a great time, with walks to the river, quality time with her friends and endless stick carrying.

Of course we have a WhatsApp group that keeps us updated on our girl's stay. We get wonderful in depth updates, pictures and videos. We cannot thank them enough. I know that Roxy is having the time of her life and is cared for as one of the family. From the first time she stayed with the boys, she decided she is also a Great Dane and now prefers huge Great Dane dog food, which she crunches up with serious attitude. Then there is the whole dragging huge logs around.

We usually send her bed with so she has something familiar to sleep on. It seems it has become quite popular with all the animal members of the household. Check out these pics from the "Roxy News" WhatsApp stream.

Roxy is comfortable being watched over by her boys
Her bed is very comfy

I love this picture of her most comfortable sleeping position

Notice how all the dogs like her bed. Even if it's a little small.

Monday, January 12, 2015

There and Back Again

Some of the Houston family with Mom

Once again I'm on the road (in the air actually). Thankfully Bwo travels the long flights with me this time. We stopped off in Houston to visit with the family for a few days. My mom's light shines less bright. She is very confused and can't remember much. She is currently convinced that she was moved onto this place from the "other" place. "They" even set her furniture up in the same way and put her name on the door. She was amazed. Her body is healthy but her mind is steadily slipping away. It's sad. She was always so on top of her game, but now just looks on with a confused, questioning look. Looking as if someone just spoke to her in Basque. We are moving her to an assisted living home from her independent care place she has been in for the last seven years as they don't seem to be able to give her the care she needs. That is definitely going to confuse her even more. My sister and brother are wonderful. They patiently help her detangle the web of confusion she lives with. As sisteraria said "we are not a family of patient people" so this is surely a test. They pass with flying colors.

I'm now on the flight heading to Sacramento for two solid weeks of work. On the way to the airport we drove through rain as is only seen in Houston. But, as always, it passed quickly. Bwo will join me later this week, so I have that going for me, which is good. I'm tired of this travel. The guy in the row in front of me is picking his nose digging for diamonds and the guy in the window seat is sniffing and snorking constantly, I just hope he does not have Ebola (should I offer him a tissue? He is like 6ft 10 and may not take kindly to meddling). I feel sort of two dimensional and a glassy, like I'm fading away. I miss my kids, my wife, my dog, my home, my family and my mom. Jesus, stop feeling so sorry for yourself!