Thursday, October 31, 2013


Credit where it due. Years and years ago I bought some very expensive Bose noise cancellation headphones. Actually, what happened was that NY Todd gave bwo his old pair, and I liked them so much that I bought a set for myself. They were not cheap ($299) but they worked excellently, especially on plane trips. I can't stress enough just how much having quiet on long plane flights make a difference. Well, bwo's original pair died (my family is incredibly hard on headphones, festerbestertest and her mother have gone through many dozens of pairs), so I kindly gave her my pair and bought a new pair for myself. I do travel a lot you know.

Well, bwo's pair broke. It was the plastic part that hold the two cups over the top of the head that eventually perished. The speakers still work fine, but are unusable without the plastic that keeps them against your ears. (Bwo blames me for breaking them, as the one time I tried to use them they fell apart in my hands, with some serious missing pieces). So I decided I will see if I can find some replacement parts from Bose.

I called Bose here in the UK. I got through to to a very nice Ionne (I think that's how its spelled). Explained the whole thing, she told me that Bose do not sell those parts individually, but they have a trade in policy and for £116 they will send me a brand new updated model. All she needed was the serial number. It turns out that this pair was manufactured in work week 26 of 2003 - more than ten years back. So they have paid their dues.

So I am awaiting the UPS stickers to return the broken set, so Bose can send me the new pair.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Music Tuesday

I was reminded on Monday by one of the original squints, that once upon a time when I was young and interesting and bloggin regularly, I used to post a Video on Music Tuesday. He suggested I post this "new" Arcade Fire video, so here it is (thanks Sagi) even though it's now Wednesday.

I wish I understood why I am having such trouble keeping up with the blog. There are many things to write about, but somehow my days fly past and I can't seem to find the time. I never believed that one is ever "too busy". It's a question of desire and focus, and I suppose if I felt the need I would blog. I know that at least my family around the world appreciated it. Still it currently seems difficult to find the motivation, or things I want to say.

I will try. No promises.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Short Update

Once again I am sitting in an airport lounge. At least the BA lounge here at Heathrow has reasonable munchies and acceptable coffee. I'm off to Israel for a few days to meet with the Israeli squints. Unfortunately the girl will be in the army, but the boy will be at home. I have not written since our wonderful holiday on the narrowboats. It really was special. The week the four of us had together was unique. There is stuff to do, but mostly it's stuff we did together. Locks, and trying up, visiting the many lovely village pubs and eating bwo's vacation cooking. She definitely is the best at rustling up meals while on vacation.

We started off in the Ophelia, which sprung a leak. None of our doing, there was some issue with water coming in where the prop shaft meets the drive shaft. So we were then given the Prince Hal. An eight sleeper. It was comfortable, but not the easiest to manage as it was hugely long (65 feet). We cruised up to Tixell Wide where we turned around. We spent lots of time together. Just talking (the kids managed to find computer games that required no internet) with a lot of resting. Most of the activity was done by lunch time, so we had the afternoons to explore and sleep. It was a wonderful break, one of the very best ever.

Getting back to work was quite a shock. A lot had gone on in my absence, and even though I could keep up with email, the last week back has been stressful. Now it's a quick trip back to Israel, then back to Richmond and the rainy weather.