Sunday, November 18, 2012

St. Davids

While part of me is back home avoiding rockets with the rest of you, most of me is here in St. Davids Wales being swept up in the magnificence of the Welsh countryside. Here are some pictures from out walk around the village this morning before breakfast. We are, as usual, slow to get moving but soon we will head out to the sea which is about 5 miles down the lane.

This is a beautiful place.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Airport Lounges

Some once again I am sitting in the Dan Lounge waiting for a flight out. On one hand I am excited about the upcoming trip and vacation far away in remote Wales, on the other, I am leaving the kids and dog behind.  I have to admit that I am more worried about the dog than the kids. They can look after themselves and have done so in the past, but it's the first time we are leaving our Roxy.

We have settled into a routine, the dog and family. I wake at 5 (or earlier), take Roxy out for a little walk with the cats and she empties her bladder after the night inside on the floor of our room. Then I feed the cats and give Roxy some food as well. Then it's off to work with me. Around 6:30am either Ari or Dani, Kimi's boys from next door come take Roxy over to their house to play for a bit before taking both Roxy and Kimi (best friends, both pulling on their leads and jumping with joy) for a walk. She then naps between playing with the cats outside or sometimes being taken out by bwo or bso. I get home in the late afternoon and take her out once more for a little walk. Then around 7pm the WhatsApp group ("Dog's of the Prachim neighborhood") get busy and we meet by the open area down the road. There are often 10 or more dogs that run around and play. None have Roxy's energy besides Kimi and the two of them run circles around everyone. It is marvelous to watch.

I need to tell the story of William, but I am running out of time and need to start worrying about boarding (have to be first if possible, of course). I will continue this when I have more time.  I even have photos. There will be more from Wales, promise.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

19 years

It's blackdaughtero's birthday today. She's not home but rather messing with explosives somewhere in the Southern Desert. I miss her. I looked back over the last few years of birthday messages (20112010, 2009, 2008) and it's always the same basic advice. This year though I have something to add.

I'm proud of you girly bird. I'm proud of the way you march to your own drummer (and bass). I'm proud you seem like a good friend. I'm proud of your special connection with your brother, of your taste in music and your sense of humor. I'm proud of your ridiculous stubbornness and your determination and that you let nothing stand in the way of your goals. I'm proud you usually tell the truth even when it is hard. I'm proud you love humus and walking outside. I'm proud that you seem to like your parents. I'm proud you can hold your head high and laugh at yourself.

Even though taking advice is not one of your strengths, you seem to have to learn by experience, here is the same two messages I have given you year after year: One, All boys are fools. Two, watch carefully what they do and ignore what they say.

Have the very best year evvvvver.

King Rat

A cool thing about kids is that they eventually turn around and teach you all sorts of new things. Bdo (who's birthday is tomorrow) pointed me to this video by Modest Mouse. Even though they (or he) are one of my favorite groups of all time, I had never heard of or seen this video. What is even more surprising to me (according to the Wikipedia page) is that the video was conceived by Heath Ledger and the script was completed before his death. It is exceptionally stark and quite disturbing, but the message of "stop the bloody whaling" is clear. Thanks bdo. Watch it in full screen mode.