Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello Again

I'm sitting here in the lounge at Manchester Airport. The usual bitter-sweet end of holiday anticipatory gloom settled in this morning. Its good to be going home to see blackfamilyo. I missed them more than I should admit. The holiday is over and all that's left is a stop in Heathrow and then the flight back to Israel. As I have explained before, Israel begins wherever the last departure gate connecting you to Ben Gurion Airport is situated (in this case Heathrow, Terminal 4). Its the Ben Gurion Worm Hole.

Before another word is written, I need to thank my guest bloggers. You rule!! I'm not worthy. We read your posts each day on brothero's blackberry while sailing on the Trent and Mersey Canal on the good ship Prospero. It rained a lot, but we had a great time none the less. I was completely cut off from all news of Israel and even reading email was not usually possible. We did have to track hurricane Ike as it barreled into Houston, and blackbrotherandsister-in-lawo are returning to a house with no power, and hopefully that's the worst they face coming home.

All in all a wonderful time was had by all. Blackwifeo outdid herself and cooked up a storm in our nautical kitchen. I will have to hide from WeightWatchers for a while, because once they weigh me, I will be forced into the circle of pain, where all the ladies stand in a ring and beat you with their points planners.

More later or tomorrow depending on how much time we have in Heathrow. Let's hear it once more for the guest bloggers, your rewards will arrive shortly.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home.


Scarlet said...

I was scared you'd never come back!

Then I realised, you know. I don't really know you, so...