Sunday, March 1, 2009

Water Problems

Even though its been raining for the last two days, we are still in the midst of a horrible drought. The Kinneret is 5 and a half meters below the height where dams need to be opened to prevent the flooding of Tiberius (the last time this happened was in 1993, they should have let Tiberius float away as far as I'm concerned). But the drought has hit us all very hard recently. Mei Eden and Neviot both have their stopped bottled water production because the current drought has affected the water quality and "contaminants" were discovered. This is a serious issue and at squint central we have not had bottled water for two weeks or so. These large bottles provide all the hot water for the many cups of tea consumed throughout the day. Here at home we have half a dozen or so of the large bottles used on our machine downstairs, I think I'll out them out on ebay.

The other water issue we have is our hot water heater is once again shorting out the house. Our useless plumber will be in tomorrow and I am sure he will tell us that its the heating element. We just replaced one a year back (a year and a day, I'll bet, so the warranty is of no use), but for some reason these elements last no more than 12 months before they get so full of calcium from the wonderful Raanana water that they just refuse to work. So it's cold showers for blackfamilyo tonight.


SB said...

The dood dude better come and fix the dood, dude.

blackpetero said...

The dood dude is definitely doing the dood. Dude.

jozie said...

For the English speakers out there:
A dood is a water heater.
A dude is a dude and his name Craig. I think he changed the element AGAIN, but at least we have hot water.