Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Life In Pictures

The madness started Wednesday night. We took to the airport as he's off to the USA for two weeks to see his family. I left for work early Thursday morning, and was integrating away, when Sagi popped into my office to let me know the Prius had a flat . Of course, I immediately forgot about it. Remembering only at 9pm, when our US guest and I were already late for our dinner arrangement. We changed the tire and found to our disgust that all there was was one of those pathetic little baby tires . We rushed off to Goocha in Tel Aviv, where the food was good, the view excellent and the spectacular.

After dinner, I dropped Justin at his hotel in the and arrived home around midnight. Friday was 18th birthday. It started early in the morning with a trip to the school for teacher's conferences. Then off to Haifa for a Brita. But, not after being told by our lease company that if I wanted the tire changed I would need to visit Netanya. So I drove back to Raanana and took the misbeleh instead.

The was OK. We had some interesting people at our table . At some point in the festivities, bwo discovered she had a few in her bag.

We got home, had a quick nap and started on dinner. Seeing as it was bso's birthday, we had all the family over to make a fuss of the boy . The whole family showed up. were there with the kids. made an excellent strawberry pie. Yann made a chocolate cake and and her brother were almost too cute. Here's all the grandkids spitting on the birthday cake (click to enlarge).

Bdo, fresh from her successful appearance in Anne Rice books got dressed up for Purim
. I think she's a fallen angel, but with those wings she could be a Nazgul or Elvira, Mistress Of The Night.

I hope this formats in blogger. It took hours to put together.


jozie said...

Very cool Petero. Good job.

jozie said...

You know, the interesting thing about Blackdaughero is that she dressed like that all the time. The only Purim-ness was the halo and the wings.
Ps: the first pic is blurry.

blackpetero said...

I like it like that. It's how I see life - a little blurry at times.

oliviao said...

Wonderful! Last time I had so much fun was reading Richard Scarry!!Thanks for sharing the b/day with us - Happy Birthday Gilad!!