Saturday, March 14, 2009

Apollonia in Pictures

Even though it took hours, I quite enjoyed doing the photo essay last weekend. Now, it's Saturday afternoon, the kids and I are sitting at the dining room table, bso is helping bdo with her math. He has such patience. I am jealous. We are eating various Tivol leftovers. Bwo is working a barmitzvah lunch and will be back later.

This morning, after watching a few Time Team shows, I managed to convince bso to come with me to Apollonia. Why watch archeology on TV when you can go find it not far from your front door? Apollonia is a national park about 10 minutes drive from the house overlooking Sidni Ali beach, three minutes from squint central. The area has been settled for 2500 years, but the most interesting remains are those of a crusader castle build around 1200AD. Today the sky was cloudly with the occasional spitting drizzle. The perfect weather for traipsing over ruins.

As soon as we arrived I was spellbound by the birds. The wind was blowing up the cliff side and the kestrels (I think) were slope soaring . We saw it spot something on the cliffs and it dived for its prey.

Apollonia is on the coast in Nof Yam. From it's cliff tops you can see, the cooling tower of Redding Power Station and Tel Aviv's skyline to the south and the cranes of Netanya to the North .

There were plenty of and . It's all rather old. The wind was howling, bso's ears hurt and his hair took on a life of its own . Down below the fishermen were battling the raging seas .

Needless to say the 80% that is Israel is always close by. If you look the past the ruins here is what you see . Still the vistas (No! not the operating system) were beautiful .

While I have been typing and manipulating the html in this post. My two offspring have been slowly working on math. It's been a total pleasure to hear their repartee. I love these two so much I could just explode .

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