Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eminence Front

The first album I ever bought with my own money was back in 1972. I was from the (only) record shop in PE, who's name is now lost to me. The store was on a little side street going down off Main Street. The 12" vinyl record was the classic "Who's Next" by The Who. Since then The Who have always been a band I can listen to. I mourn Keith Moon and John Entwhistle both who went out in pure rock and roll style. In this song, "Eminence Front", the lyrics are less than remarkable, but the whole package, especially Pete Townsend's vocals and riffs are great. The clip is from a live show in Seattle in 1982, when they (all except Moon) were still younger than I am today. Hearing this takes me straight back to sitting on the uncomfortable stool at the high blue counter of Z Music on HaGidem 1, Jerusalem.


BobA said...

Dude, I think the version from the Toronto concert is a little better and is actually the one they chose for the remaster of It's Hard.


thanks for pointing out that new Decemberists album. I'm going to see them here in Raleigh in June.

But i have a really good one for you. Get Kate Bush's Aerial (2005) and start by listening to "disc 2". totally f'ing brilliant.

oliviao said...

I think the music shop was called Michael's and run by Michael Simmons???My mom says that he sold out to Musica.