Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Walk On Ahuza

This morning was bwo's birthday. I woke her with a cup of tea and forced her out of bed to join me on today's walk down Ahuza the main street of our "village" of Raanana. All today's pictures are bwo's creations. It's true that not much is happening in Raanana at 8am on a Saturday morning, but its what you make of it. Click each picture to get a full screen version.

We started off on . From our house we can see two water towers. The larger one used to be the symbol of Raanana. The smaller water tower outside our house is decorated , it needs a bit of a touch up.

All the way up and down street, the flowers are starting to bloom . The street was very quiet with little traffic . The only passers by were on their way to synagogue, bwo was concerned about taking their pictures, lest they stone us . We passed Sharona's mom on her morning walk , and a whole slew of dog walkers .

There is signage everywhere. The bill boards are round and reminders that Israel is a dangerous place . Of course, there is artwork statues of people , and statues of animals .

We passed Raanana's best hummus bar and our neighborhood police station

We made our way home, near our house, the flowers are blooming and the grass in the park where I walk the cats is looking very good

That's it for today.


Elra said...

Still gorgeous looking and very very happy dear.... big kiss and hug from us!

Wait, do people really walk their cat? I didn't know that!
Nice tour BPO, I enjoy it ...
Lots of love,
from us in CA

blackpetero said...

I walk the cats every night. There are somewhere between 8 and 11 that come with for walk in the park. I will take video one of these days and blog it.

jozie said...

Thank you so much dear Elra, can't wait to see you in a few months time.

Just for your information, peter is like the pied piper. He whistles for the cats and they all line up and walk behind him. He walks them to the park and back. It's really funny. I have seen people get out of their cars to watch this.