Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Identity

Bdo invited me into her Hebrew class today. I had no idea what it was all about, and as it happened neither did the other three parents that were invited. Over time it became clear that we were to be "interviewed" and asked about our "identity". There were a lot of difficult questions in vein of "What do think was important in forming your identity?" and "how much does your external appearance matter to your identity" (the whole wearing black thing came up of course). I found it all rather interesting and quite challenging. One of the mothers was a Bahai from Iran, she wished she was born a man. We all agreed that age does affect how we see ourselves. The Jewish/Israeli identity thing was pretty important to all of us (it was a Hebrew class after all).

A question that got me thinking was "how would you define the identity of your immediate family as a group?". I thought hard while the others spoke and finally settled on the idea that "we're a family with a completely open house and lots of food". It's true. So you are all invited to come over and eat, anytime you like.

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