Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Army Shrink

The boy had his interview with the army psychologist today. His appointment was for 11am, but in total he spent 4.5 hours waiting around and a half hour talking to the shrink and the doctor. He told them that he is normal enough and so it looks like he will be serving in the IDF before too long. I don't know how happy I am about all this, but he seems committed. He explained to us a few days back that he "love Israel" and is prepared to do his three years. We were both quite proud. It doesn't seem like the 4.5 hours waiting around today changed his mind any. When I asked him how it all went, he told me the only problem was that he did not want to miss his place in line and so skipped lunch and was famished. Bwo, the dutiful mom, waited patiently from him, worrying all the time that her boy was starving to death. She had chinese take-outs ready in the car for him when he was done. What a mother.


Camille said...


Elra sent me the link to your blog. I have two boys, live in the USA. When they were little they wanted to be in the IDF. Now, they will follow their father, I think, into the USMC. I am not sure how I feel, either.

I will pray for the safety of your son and, of course, for all IDF soldiers.


blackpetero said...

Hi Camille

Thanks for the comment. Elra is one of my favorite people in the world, and man, can she cook. I have very mixed feelings about my boy and the army. One one hand I know the three years could be very good for him. He will be ready to take on life once he is done. But on the other hand three years!!! Its a huge amount of time, and what will happen to our gentle, kind, caring and thoughtful boy over those years I cannot even guess.