Tuesday, March 10, 2009

John Adams, Hallelujah Junction Part 2.

Now, in this world of 80% there is one thing that will always keep me going. Music. Sometimes I hear a piece of something so perfect that everything, even the human race, seems worthwhile. This piece below, by John Adams is not for the weak. I think it's amazing. It makes me want to chuck everything and go learn piano. There is a part around 3:45mins that I think may be my theme music. Sort of uncoordinated but with a pounding rhythm, played on two black pianos. Yep that's me.

The audio recording I have, put together for me by Will the music teacher at the kid's school, is much better. I am not sure which recording it is, but it's fantastic. I bought this version, but I don't think its quite as powerful. So here you go, enjoy Hallelujah Junction Part 2. Part 1, is not shabby either. You just have to love the page turners.


arnieo said...

Thanks - that was really nice - not a piece that I am familiar with. We are off to RSA tomorrow - should be quite an experience with the whole tribe (14 of us)

Georg said...

Hallo Blacky,

You are right that IS powerful music, decidedly not for the fainthearted.

Now I have to find out who Mr. Adams is.