Monday, March 16, 2009


Today we suffered. The restaurant under squint central (Giraffe - sort of Asian fusion) has shut down for two weeks and is renovating. All day long we were subjected to the constant Thump, Thump, Thump of demolition hammers, the shriek of masonry drills hitting rebar, the grinding of stone tile and the crunch of debris being dumped into construction dumpsters. The whole building shook and you could feel the vibrations through your teeth. We walked around all day shaking our heads and talked about suing for mental anguish. The least these guys can do is give us a free meal or two. Never happen.

Then to top it all off we had a school board meeting tonight. It did not go on too long, but it was pretty raucous. I got home a few minutes back, tired, having drunk one Diet Coke too many, and the noise in my ears (tinnitus) is unbelievable. It's quiet in the house, bwo is in bed, the kids are in their shut rooms, yet in my head there's a cacophony - I might as well be at work.

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