Monday, March 2, 2009


The banging in my head continues. Bso wore through his original "rockband" drum pedal. By the time it was dead and buried, it was more epoxy than plastic. The rockband instruments are complete crap, but the little darlings love them none the less. Well, the original pedal gave up the ghost and bso was most put out. He conjured up this real bass pedal from one of his friends and then walked around forlornly for a few days begging for assistance in making a housing for the beast. Of course, I shouted and screamed and told him to leave me alone graciously agreed to help him construct the mother of all rockband bass pedals. The wood and metal work while crude, performs admirably. The duct tape and chewing gum is all bso's work. He claims this pedal "is the bomb".

It makes so much noise that even if the drummer of Motörhead (gotta love that umlaut) lived next door he would be banging down the front door with the cops in tow. The whole house shakes. When he first tried the pedal out, we were all so shocked by the tremendous racket, we were speechless. We had to communicate using flags and hand signals. Eventually the death threats have him playing only during the day when there is no one else home. The lad has tried various soundproofing techniques, none work as far as I can tell. It's gone from completely deafening to merely intolerable. But, Man, "the responsiveness is extreme".

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Haflo said...

one day i will be worthy enough for a pedal like that.