Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday In The Golan.

We went up North to visit Ravid and Shiri today. Bwo and I left early (around 7am) and it was raining here in Raanana, and continued to pour and storm the whole day. I loved it. We had a most excellent time indeed. I decided that I find it much easier to drive in the rain with less traffic than in the traffic with less rain. Ravid and Shiri live in Kanaf, a moshav that's almost in Syria, and which has a spectacular view of the Sea of Galilee. With bwo's permission I put together a bit of a photo essay. She took all the pictures.I love this picture. It pretty much captures what it looked like for most of the drive. It rained and thundered and lightninged, and reminded us of driving in Northumberland when we were there last year.

We missed the turn off to Kanaf and so stumbled upon the Ayet Waterfall (Eagle Falls) near Moshav Ani'am. The constant rains had cause quiet a flow. We actually drove past and decided to turn back to see the falls even if it meant bwo had to go out into the rain. No regrets, and there were none.

We arrived at Kanaf in time for brunch, which included excellent home made borekas, Ravid's Humus and a salad from vegetables grown in their greenhouse. Excellent. Then we all took a little nap (ahh, the pleasure of little kids) , I fell asleep while listening to the rain and thunder (don't tell Ravid I drooled a bit on the pillow). We awoke refreshed. Kesem and Nahal were in good form and we set out for Rosh Pinah. But, first we stopped off to look at the view.
The view from Kanaf is always spectacular, but today was unusual because of the clouds. Next, we stopped off to vist Efrayim, Ravid's horse. He came to chat to Ravid when he saw he brought food.

We then set off for Rosh Pinah. Ravid insisted we visit Woodsong. A store run by another South African Peter. He makes all sorts of wood instruments. His harps, marimbas, and digeridoos are beautiful. He kept the store open for us and gave us a private concert. This is him playing the digeridoo and guitar. They really blend surprisingly well together. Kesem was comletely transfixed by the music (as were we all). He was very friendly and it very open and frank. I admire his commitment and passion. Making musical instruments for a living is a hard life indeed.

From there we were to the Chololate resturant. Bwo had chocolate soup that was too chocolaty even for her. Kesem, obviously had the best time of all.We had a wonderful day. I loved the weather, and the company. Thanks Ravid, Shiri, Kesem and Nahal.

Bwo and I listened to a lame audiobook in the car. "The 5 Secrets You Must Discover Before Your Die" is as self-help as it sounds. It's always good to have the bleeding obvious explained in minute detail, but we will be better people because of it. I'm going to be nice to everyone from now on - only because its one of the secrets.


oliviao said...

You chose the hardest - what are the other 4??
Gorgeous pictures!

jozie said...


here are the secrets that are secrets no more:
"be true to yourself,"
"leave no regrets,"
"become love,"
"live the moment,"
"give more than you take"

not sure where "be nice to everyone all the time" fits in, but hey, if petero wants to do that, I am not going to put up too much of a fuss.

blackpetero said...

The "be nice" thing is derived from the "become love" (finger down the throat and vomit). You slept through that part.

mart said...

You want 80%. Check how the RSS feed of this post shows in MS Outlook.

blackpetero said...

That is ridiculous. It works on all real OSes (linux and Macos). Its that dammed Outlook. Get rid of it.

blackpetero said...

On further investigation, it seems I was the 80% that caused that. I had a "bad font" moment as blogspot is not the cleverest (actually far too clever) with fonts. It should now work OK in RSS on microsloth.

mart said...

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the entire company I work for (with a few lone exceptions) use Windogs as their desktop so in order to give them service, I need to use Outlook and a few other Microcrap products.

I can't complain too much because most of the labs that I manage have hundreds of unix / linux machines so I get to spend most of my work day using a "real" OS.

And the font you used looked just fine in firefox and chrome.

jozie said...

Oh my God, it's Monday, and he is still being nice!!!
After a bit of a "loud complain" at Gilad last night, he still went to help him with the super huge benzonah of a gaming computer that they are building. Oh, and I noticed him hugging Dylan. I must take him to see waterfalls more often.