Monday, March 9, 2009

A Family Meeting

It seems once again I'm being the 80% father and husband. The blackfamilyo had a "family meeting" tonight. And believe me it's as eye rolling and deep sigh inducing as as it sounds. Our "family meetings" usually happen when bwo gets fed up with the rest of us, or fires the cleaner. This does not happen too often as firing the cleaner is one of the more difficult parts of growing up. Bwo is a sucker for a hard luck story and we get deeply emotionally attached to anyone who cleans our toilets. We meet their kids and husbands and usually get to know the whole family. Usually the only way we can get rid of a cleaner is through drastic measures like emigrating. And leaving Israel right now, will be tough as we have a lot of unfinished business, what with bso and the army and anyway where else is so 80%? So bwo upped and fired Franklin the cleaner today. He wasn't moving the furniture and her mother and sister did not like him. So the four of us had to have a "family meeting" to discuss chores (remember now, bno is in the US).

It came out, that not only am I bad tempered and in dire need of anger management, but I don't speak nicely. Oh, and I've been lackadaisical in my approach to the dish washing which is my chore, so unpacking the dishwasher was added as punishment. Bdo is going to start making us meals on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Bso, got off lightly, he needs to shave, wash every day and change the drinking water once its not contaminated. Bwo will shop and cook and clean and sweep. We will not wash bdo's clothes, she will do this herself. Bso will feed the cats till bno is back at which time bno will resume unpacking the shopping and the care and maintenance of the fridge.

A "family meeting" in this ADD family is much like watching those little migrating birds that visit my office window daily now it's almost spring. Much darting around, and beady eyed looks on twisted necks, but it's all here today and gone tomorrow. Once it was all over and the work roster decided, off they all went to their respective rooms.

I muttered and mumbled and managed my anger while I did the dishes. Of course, the dammed sink is blocked again. Plumbing is not my chore!


Anonymous said...

Can it be assumed, bpo that you will now be more:

1. cheerful
2. charful
3. choreful


blackpetero said...

No I'm just more chubby.

blacksisterio said...

This is Greta, mother of bno, he's visiting here in Houston and it's just marvellous. I know you miss his contribution to the chores, and thanks for taking such good care of him.