Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday bso

I missed posting yesterday and am rather late today. It has been a very busy two days with hard work, flat tires, trips to Tel Aviv, parent teacher conferences, britas in Haifa, Purim parades, and, of course, bso's 18th birthday dinner tonight. I promise to do a more complete posting tomorrow (I'm tired). But, tonight I will leave you with a video from kutiman. He is a guy from Tel Aviv who remixes YouTube videos. He has an online album, that has proved to be so popular that currently it's site is down due to "overwhelming traffic". All 7 tracks have been collected together at The List (including an 8th track where kutiman describes his process). Thanks Eddie, for pointing me to this, you always spot the gems. This track is my current favorite. Remember this is a bunch of everyday YouTube videos mixed together. Excellence.

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