Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ugg The Internet Is Slow

I'm sick and tired of this useless internet we have in our house. It used to work fine, but something happened and now it's slow as mud. The bloody useless (they're nowhere near 60% let alone 80%) bezeq that are our ISP are hopeless, and they lie. I upgraded the line from 2.5 Mb to 4Mb, the "infrastructure" in Raanana cannot support more than 4Mb, and still its as slow as it was. It seems to me that there are just too many people using this particular wire to the world. I think it's time to change to 012. I have no idea how useless they are, so there is still hope. I suppose the problem could be that bno is torrenting down a movie. This is messing with my quality of life, people.

This molasses like response time has made blogging a chore, and I will rather post from work tomorrow.


SB said...

It wasn't me. I didn't do it. I have run the complex algorithm for converting the blog time to our time and have determined, with 80% certainty, that this post occurred at a time that I was not downloading anything.

I have stopped downloading during high traffic times. I run my downloads overnight, starting at midnight. I too am suffering, but will go on record as saying in this Microsoft addicted country, my Windows PC (nicknamed the Hyundai Getz)has much better luck at the internet than my Mac. My Mac can only Instant Message, and even then, any form of Video Messaging (Skype, iChat) dies and I'm plagued with constant hang-ups.

blackpetero said...

There is nothing in the world more 80% the useless internet in this house. I'm going to call 012 next week and see if we can change. I am tired of the fools at bezeqint telling me that there is no problem.