Friday, February 27, 2009

Chief Pot and Bottle Washer

Bwo catered last night. As they say, a picture's worth a thousand words.


oliviao said...

Her cooking is so divine that I would happily wash up!!

jozie said...

Thanks Livi.

Peter. It could have been much worse. This is part our tasting menu for" Jem's Beer Factory" and we made it all in ONE day (hence the total mess) Most of it is based on beer. Of course the menu will totally change but it was a start.

Medley of Smoked Sausage and Red Cabbage with caraway
Brew Masters Burger- w/tomato, red onions, Spicy Stout BBQ Sauce and Horseradish mayo
The Dark Brew Beef Stew- made with House Stout and Dunkel
Jem’s Steak- Entrecote, Roasted Garlic Mash etc
North African Vegetable Stew over couscous
Polenta & Grilled Veggie Stack in a Green Curry Sauce
Salad of Baby Greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette topped with Grilled portobella Mushrooms and Grilled Chicken Breast)

I have left off the basic bar menu but you get the idea.

jozie said...

Sorry- I left off the burgers, giant buffalo wings and Jeremy's roasted lamb neck in pale ale (don't ask- but it was delicious)
The food was awesome, but they hated the menu, so its back to the drawing board for us.

blackpetero said...

They're fools and peasants. But, I'm being nice today, so they probably just have no clue.

jozie said...

Hey Pete,
I am not sure I can deal with all this niceness. But I am grateful and appreciate you almost everyday. Be love and live in the moment.

blackpetero said...

I can't because I'm putting first things first and growing my circle of influence. Oh, wait, I've got my self help books crossed.