Sunday, July 25, 2010

Turkish Coffee Cups

Now I'm a lover of tradition y'know. I like hand saws, fountain pens, vi, tap water, beer flavored beer (none of that blueberry, jasmine and honey ale for me)and regular headphones (none of that in-ear crap). So when blackwifeo first brought these high tech Turkish coffee cups home, I was skeptical to say the least. We have have our thimble sized regular thick rimmed glass Turkish coffee cups in the bag with the finjan and gaziyah (gas coffee cooker for Saturday morning archaeology) and I am happy with them. So you burn your fingers occasionally, so what.

Then one day we were out of espresso cups, a not at all rare occurrence now the dishwasher is on the blink, so I reached for one of these new-fangled Elite silicon finger protecting Turkish coffee cups, and you know what. They work. The coffee was delicious and my fingers remained cool. The size is right too. They are not so big that your espresso gets lost and not so small that you can't fit your morning double. So I'm sold.

Now it seems you can only get them as a "free" gift in a special edition 4 pack of Elite Turkish coffee (the red kind not the green kind with cardamon). So we have lived with two of these cups for a while. Friday bwo found two more. Lets see how long the four last before Aziza the Destroyer decides to see if they bounce off the tiled floor.

So you see folks, I'm a modern kind of guy. I'm prepared to change if there's reason. Though I'm not ready to add them to the gaziyah yet. I give them at least 83%.

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