Saturday, July 17, 2010

Only Threatening Works

Sorry peeps, not much to report today. I studied most of the day and actually got quite a bit of my paper done. So I feel good. No early morning archaeology trip today as I went out yesterday.

Talk about 80% though - I have to complain about my internet here at home. So a while back (a month or two) I "upgraded" to a 10M NGN hookup. Since then we have been having trouble downloading any big file. I get constant hangs and dropped connections Tonight I finally had enough and called Bezeqint our ISP for the tenth time to complain. The guy one the line (Mohommad) told me that there is no problem with the line and the only disconnect we had was at 2pm today (when I rebooted the router). We argued, while he tried to explain to me that I just don't understand computer networking, and that there is nothing wrong, until I told him, fine, I will have to move to HOT. He then called up Bezeq, the infrastructure provider and they did some tests on the line and guess what! The line is bad, and there are "problems" (these problems are way to technical for a simple consumer like me to understand, you see). Well, a technician is coming by tomorrow to check it out. So until I threatened, I got no help. Typical. Absolutely typical.

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SB said...

I hear you... I'm supposed to get 5M at work, and was consistently getting lower. I had work call up for me and the cable company explained that the 5M was within Israel... seriously, what Israeli webpages does a regular, normal human being visit that require 5M download speed?
But..the internet company would be happy to give me a Quality of Service line (some BS term for 'guaranteed speed') for only a few thousand extra shekels.
Needless to say, to this day I suffer painfully slow internet speeds when connecting to the US for work.