Sunday, July 11, 2010

The biggest TV event in history?

Apparently the World Cup final tonight between Holland and Spain could smash all previous audience records. I for one, will probably be asleep. I will try stay up, but I more than likely will collapse and just go sleep on my bed. Lame, I know. I have watched quite a lot of the games and enjoyed those I managed to see, but starting at 9:30pm, come on that's way past my bedtime.

In other news, blackwifeo called a "family conference" today. She's going on strike she says. The dishwasher doesn't work, the maid doesn't come and we are not all doing our part. At some point I got so angry with blackdaughtero that I lost it completely and said some things I didn't mean. Lots of screaming and doorbanging and out-of-house storming later we made up and spoke like civilized people. This parenting thing is just so frustrating. They so know how to push your buttons, and bdo and I are very similar in temperament, so she is an expert at pushing mine as I am at hers. It is all so draining. We had a good chat after though and hopefully we can work together to keep the house habitable. Wouldn't count on it though. Had that screaming match been televised it could have competed with the World Cup for ratings.


Jozie said...

Thats for sure. I had to leave the house.

oliviao said...

Hang in there!!Its worth it for the grandchildren!