Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It is not usual that one finds more than 80% in this country, and today I found it right under my nose. We get fruit here at squint central. The grapes this year have been particularly good and I enjoy them often. Today I realized what is so good about them. Not only are they sweet and juicy but Carmit our office admin (they have not been called secretaries for many years) actually cuts each bunch into smaller sections that are convenient to hold and consume. It appears she has been doing this for ages. I never realized that part of the attraction of these grapes is that the bunches are perfectly sized (by her) for individual consumption. Clearly this is her German extract showing through. None of those oversized bunches that you have to try tear apart without forcing grapes to fly all over the kitchen. No, you just go to the bowl and pick a smaller, pre-prepared mini bunch. Very nice.


joch said...

I agree about everything, other than the sweetness. The grapes are just not sweet enough lately.

Jozie said...

Frozen grapes rock. I suggest strongly that you freeze some right now.