Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Out

With a brief hug and a big smile the boy went off to college this morning. His mother had packed "Jonathan suitcase of the world" full to exploding. It was stopped full off brand new underwear in their box, brand new socks in their box, sheets (brand new), towels (brand new), pots and pans (all brand new of course) - I wonder if he will even unpack the case in the next year.

I hope he can find something at university that holds his interest as much as gaming has for as long as I can remember. Personally I don't care about grades or courses, all I want is for him to have a good time, meet some people, make some friends and perhaps figure out where he plans to head in life. I think the 18-25 years are the hardest. You are so unsure of who you really are and so keep trying on different personas and looking in the mirror to see if they fit. I am proud of the boy, he is one of the truly good people in the world, I just hope he can find his way. And I promise we won't turn his room into a sparkling white guest room with bright green bed covers as soon as he is out the door (not that I'm bitter or anything).

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