Friday, July 9, 2010

Band of Brothers

It has been an agonizingly tough week at work. I also have a paper due in a few weeks, and I'm struggling to focus on getting it done. I have been exhausted, depressed and quite dysfunctional. So I decided to watch the HBO miniseries, "Band of Brothers", to take my mind off my own misery.

Wow, talk about putting things in perspective. I am in awe of of the men from Easy Company. In fact I'm in awe of soldiers in general. The hell and torture they went (and go) through helped me put my cushy, easy life in perspective. So I've decided to stop whining and feeling sorry for myself and get down to work.

p.s. The mini-series is excellent and I recommend it highly - It's not easy to watch, but then nothing worthwhile is really (this is becoming a sort of mantra for me).

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