Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sinnerman- Where you gonna run to.

Jo here. BPO is knackered.
It's been really exhausting for him, sitting all day in his air conditioned office, dealing with the squints. I know, he is dying to get back to Meggido, but hey... Ma La'asot. Life goes on. And on. So I am taking pity on him and doing this weeks Tunes for Tuesday, or whatever it is now called.
I wanted to post Nina Simone's Sinnerman, (which is bloody awesome) but could not find a video of it.  I may have made a huge faux pas by posting the following "movie/video" clip with the song in the background-  but no choice- its the next best thing.
I really liked the Thomas Crown Affair remake and I especially love this scene. Renee Rousseau is wearing the best color lipstick ever. Totally matches her hair. Spoiler alert: yada yada yada.


oliviao said...

Loved the song from long ago - and the movie clip was FUN!!Thanks, Jo

mart said...

Here is one:

or how about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oD63-EJW5Y&feature=related
Downpressor Man by Peter Tosh which is a bit of a copy on Nina Somone's Sinnerman but I love it anyway.

Thanks for that reminder of days of yore.

Jozie said...

Mart, love Peter Tosh's cover. Its awesome. Will check out your links forthwith.