Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Revolt of the Appliances

Our house is not doing well, all our appliances are ill. The fridge is cooling sporadically and the vacuum cleaner died a while ago at the hands of Azziza the destroyer (thanks Shirley for Mervyn the Moffy Richards, we'll try keep it out of Azziza's hands). The dishwasher is leaking badly and the electricity keeps tripping. The front gate is stuck closed. One of the windows in the mezbeleh is stuck open. It's all ridiculous. Of course, the TV remote has been missing for ages, it's probably vacationing with the remote for the A/C. Only one phone downstairs works and since blackwifeo rearranged the bedroom a few days back we have no phone upstairs either.

At least for the time being the TV stills work and I can watch Germany and Spain.

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oliviao said...

I have been looking for a new dishwasher as mine has acted up for years. Wouldn't you know it, but my old thing suddenly perked up and now does a superb job!! So just walk around and talk loudly about getting new appliances....worked in my house!