Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday Morning in the Town

Not being one to shy away from plunging into the deep end, I asked blackwifeo to accompany me into downtown Raanana yesterday (Friday) morning. Being freshly returned from the dig and the peace and quiet of the Kibbutz, I figured this would be a good way to acclimatize myself to life back in the city (or the suburbs, to be more precise). My expensive pair of multi-focal glasses had been blown off my head in the windstorm we had in the second week and when they showed up the next morning they were sadly bent out of shape and scratched beyond repair and use. So I took myself off to the optician and was told that a new pair would take a week. My old (scratched) pair had those fancy "get darker in the light" coating that was useful but costly. The new pair will be plain and was talked into some serious sunglasses that go over the frames and lenses - these come highly recommended by the optician (they need more money to install heating in the swimming pool they bought with the proceeds of my last pair of glasses).

All this aside, it is always interesting to go downtown with the wife on a Friday morning. There is nothing more frustrating. You can't take two steps without her meeting someone she knows and needs only a minute to stop and chat with. I had planned a surgical strike. To the optician, maybe score some garinim and fresh pitot for the weekend, an then back home. But, No! we had to stop and hobnob with all sorts of people (I'm not talking about you Michelle, meeting you is always a pleasure :-) Eventually I got fed up (I'm a patient man usually) and walked off to the glasses store on my own. She arrived in due course, hated the frames I chose, bought herself some new (unscheduled, reddish) frames, and then decided I should buy flowers, pick up her mom and stop at the store on the way home. She could not understand at all why I was a tad peeved.

God I love that woman.


Jozie said...

Surgical strike? Really? There was no mention about that upon leaving home. And lets be realistic dear BPO. How could you possible expect to get anywhere on a Fri morning on Ahuza St. and NOT bump into half the town. Seriously, I think you need a reality check. Welcome home darling. I missed you.

Anonymous said...

"A man's wife has more power over him than the state has"
(R W Emerson)

Welcome home bpo!!!!!!

oliviao said...

Arnie could have written this blog, no seriously! Do you think its genetic?? BPO, go online to and you can shop at your leisure!

greta sistererio said...

Hey.I finally taught the mother to independently read your 'blob' on the 'machine' everyday, so watch what you say!!!
Happy 4th of july to all who care...........