Monday, July 5, 2010

Some Raanana Pictures

It's back to the usual routine this week and today it's time for the Raanana Weekly Photo. I have two pictures for you today. It's a special treat.
This is Morris (or Morrisey for short). One of the three kittens that showed up on our doorstep while I was away. He won't let anyone near him yet, but that will change over time. He (or she) is very cute.
Blackwifeo snapped this with her iPhone while in the supermarket today. For those of you who can't read Hebrew, the pink sticker proudly proclaims "This product contains 59 sheets instead of 70 sheets" - O.K. can someone please explain this excellent piece of marketing.


Jozie said...

It's so ridiculous, I am still laughing about it. And the sad thing, is that they will probably never even realize they made a mistake.

Anonymous said...

It's not marketing, it's covering your behind from lawyers.

They used to make a package that looks the same with 70 pages and are afraid that if they change the page count with a similar package someone will issue a class action suite claiming they tricked the buyers to buy what looks like the same product but really is of less value.

Quite sad really.