Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Day

This video is for blackwifeo. She has put up with my grumpiness and accompanying black cloud for a while now. I can't promise that it will lift any time soon, but I'm doing my best. Bwo really likes Matisyahu. I think it's not bad - he seems like a nice enough bloke and the Hassidic Reggae thing is cute. So here is Matisyahu's version.

We all know how much bwo loves cover versions, so for a sepcial treat, here is the Yeshiva University Maccabeats with an A cappella version of the same song.


Jozie said...

I totally love that cover, thanks so much for posting. I don't know why, but that song makes me feel a bit more positive, just for today.
Oh, by the way, I am sure I heard a tambourine and other instruments in the Maccabeats version. Is that allowed in A cappella?

oliviao said...

Love it - every part of it - words, music. In the spirit of John Lennon...Thanks for posting both of them!

shoshanafromNYC said...

I read your blog all of the time BPO and realized I have not posted in man a moon - and I just needed to tell you that this video made my day - love the hasid - and love you guys. Hope Gilad knocks 'em dead next week, and Jo - don't worry too much!!!! S xx

Anonymous said...

There are absolutely no tambourines. But we take it as a compliment when people insist that they are hearing instruments that aren't there. Just good beat-boxing. :)

Thanks for listening!

-A Maccabeat

Jozie said...

Well, I think you guys are awesome. And I went back and re-listened. You cannot tell there are no instruments. Amazing. Kol Hakavod.
(by the way, how many in your group?)
- Jo

Anonymous said...

Thanks! There are 14 of us. :)