Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sorry for the crappy picture, but I have to recommend these sunglasses over glasses things that I bought last week to go with my new (non-automatic tinting) multi-focals. They work excellently. They fit over your regular glasses, which means you can see normally at all times and they are sufficiently dark and polarized so that the blinding middle eastern sun is not a bother. I see that you can buy them at Walgreens in the US for around $20, about half of what the cost here in the Holy Land. Well worth it.

So what if I look like an alien when wearing them. And of course they come in black!


Jozie said...

I agree, they are pretty ugly, but boy, do they work well.

Haflo said...

no i don't get it ,

why not just buy optical sunglasses ?
(they can come in black as well!)

blackpetero said...

The thing is that prescription (optical) sunglasses cost a lot of money and are never dark enough. If you need multi-focals like I do, they are very very expensive. hence these over the glasses sunglasses are a good thing for me.

Jozie said...

Well I keep loosing my prescription sunglasses, so this really works out much cheaper.