Tuesday, July 27, 2010

John Prine

I'm a man blessed with good nephews. We get along well and correspond from time to time, but there's no pressure. Blackedwino took time off of curing the weak and infirm and updated me on what I should be listening to. (Years back he told me that The Arcade Fire are where it's at, and he was not wrong. They have a new album, but it's not officially released yet and there are no videos (that I can find) yet). Still he pointed me to a Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver) covering a John Prine song called "Burned Orange" (go watch it). This reminded me of how much I like John Prine, one of the most serious (and under appreciated) songwriters I know. I always liked the song "Burned Orange", and I had this story in my head about what the words meant. Anyway, there I was clicking around YouTube after watching the cover, when I stumbled on this John Prine classic video - isn't this what the whole internet is for. The story behind the song:

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oliviao said...

Ooh, music that Arnie and I can dance to!!(or could in the good old days!)Actually, this music sounds more like what blacknephewo likes!