Friday, July 23, 2010

Less Than A Week

In less than a week the boy starts college. He is enrolled in the Ben Gurion University Overseas program (the link is worth checking out). Of course, his mother, bwo, is panicking (much better, as my mother would say). She hit the stores today and bought him plates, pots, tupperware, knives, sheets etc. etc. It looks like he's off for a year expedition to the Antarctic. He, mind you, is not the least bit interested in all this stuff. He took a few minutes off his gaming saving the world to come check out all his goodies covering the dining room table. He was mildly interested and just shrugged when I asked him how he plans to carry all this stuff to his dorm room, before rushing off upstairs to save the planet. Yes, he will be staying in dorms there in Be'er Sheva.

When we went to check out the college and the dorms we were pleasantly surprised to find that they actually have A/C and private rooms. There is a small kitchen and shared bathroom for 4 people. He will eventually be living with Israelis, but he first has two months Ulpan to learn Hebrew. There will probably not be Israelis around during this time as real university starts some time in Oct/Nov. The goal is that he learn Hebrew. Let see if he can do this or if Be'er Sheva just gives up and adopts English.

Personally, I would swap with him in a second, but they only take under 25 year olds - so I'm double the required age. I just hope he can enjoy this experience. It's quite a test.

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