Thursday, December 31, 2009

Houston Again.

I have received numerous emails and complaints about the lack of a New Year's Eve party this year. Most of you would struggle to make the trip here to Houston if we made it here in any case (airport security is a bitch I hear after some poor fool tried to set his underwear ablaze). But there will be a party one of these days, you have my word.

Last night we met our friends Jon ans Pam and their kids who grew up with our two when we lived here. We were treated to a wonderful dinner at one of those Japanese restaurants complete with a guy cooking, chopping and cutting in front of us on the grill. The show was fantastic and the cook was quite the juggler. We have been eating non stop and it will be serious diet time once we get back. I forgot the camera so we have no pictures unfortunately.

Our vacation here is running down and the sadness at leaving my family is growing, not to mention my terror at how we are going to fit everything bwo has bought into the suitcases. The fun is just beginning.

I wish all of you a wonderful 2010. I hope everything you wish for yourselves comes true and that there be joy in your hearts. I remember being a little kid and thinking that I would be forty years old in the year 2000. It seemed so old and far away then. Now it's ten years later and I will reach the big five-oh this year. Ten years back we spent New Year's Eve Y2K at home in Sunnyvale, knowing that in six months we would be moving to Israel. These last ten years have passed, packed with a new life, new friends, new work, new challenges and teenagers - yet all this seems to have flown by in the wink of an eye. I've been lucky, it's been good.

Happy New Year peeps, play safe.

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John said...

Hey Peter...this is John, Greta's boyfriend in Houston...could you ask Gilliad (BSO) if he would email me at a couple of computer game questions I'd like to run by him...was nice to see all of you all...hope the return flight was good...come again soon...thanks, John H.