Thursday, December 24, 2009


Three Morning Star Farms Veggie Bacon Strips, nuked for 30 secs. One Bagel Shop bagel toasted, smothered with some "Pardon Me, would you have any", Grey Poupon. Ahhh, the breakfast of champions.


Denise said...

all the talk about the food you are eating is making me very hungry for some of it! feel free to bring us back a bag of chips or two! Taco Bell would also work. Keep enjoying and send our love to everyone.

joch said...

How do they achieve this bacon pattern on the plastic strips you put in your bagel? Is it food coloring?

blackpetero said...

Don't worry Denise we will bring all sorts of goodies.

Of course it's food coloring, Joch. That's the best part.