Monday, December 28, 2009

Another Fine Day in Texas

Today we had a busy Houston day. We started out at the Aquarium. Very nice actually. Nearly all the pictures have Dylan in them, she is most present.
Dylan was very impressed with the jellyfish.
The aquarium has white tigers. I have no idea what tigers have to do with aquariums but this is Texas. They were very cute.
This is the Houston downtown skyline as seen from the aquarium ferris wheel. We liked the reflections in the glass. It was freezing up there in the wind.
Then we stopped off at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. The kids had never been there before and it was a necessary experience.
We sat next to the Steve Tyler booth. That's his pajama/concert suit in the background.
We then went to visit Rice University. The kids decided that that is where they want to go. Now all we need is for Rice to accept them.

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