Thursday, April 2, 2009

We're Leaving On A Jetplane.

The bags are mostly packed. The screaming match with bdo is over. The cats are sitting on/in the suitcases. All the necessary data (music, tv shows etc) has been downloaded. All that's left is a few hours sleep and then a pre dawn taxi ride to the airport and we, blackfamilyo, are off to Hungary on vacation. I will try post when I can, but I have left you, my blogging audience, in very good hands. Starting Sunday you will have the pleasure of the best guest guest bloggers no-money can buy from around the globe. Have a lovely Pesach and we'll see you back here in the holy land all too soon.


Thayer said...

Wait, cats in the suitcases? I thought the cats were banished from the house forever. Are you packing your suitcases outside? That's never a good idea.

blackpetero said...

Didn't you hear, cats can't read.