Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dumb Luck

I was quite lucky. The feuckers (pronounced with French intonation, in homage to my brother-in-law) that broke into our house over our holiday, never touched my tools or guitars (or whisky for that matter). The little block plane above. a Stanley #18, Type 13, was made sometime between 1920-1929, when they still made tools to last. I don't remember what flea market or old tool show I picked this up at, and, honestly, it's not one of the more valuable tools I own. But, it struck me today, while I was planing maple the binding on Eddie's dreadnought, that had they ripped off my tools, I would be completely lost. The computers are just dumb pieces of silicon, plastic and metal, but my tools have soul, each one has a history.

I even managed to find an old backup of from November, so I haven't lost that much data. It's horrifying for me to think what could have been. I can now understand bwo's pain at having lost jewellery handed down from her Gran. I was plain lucky.

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