Thursday, April 16, 2009

Enough is Enough

If one more person sends me a "You Just Have To See This" pointer to Susan Boyle's "incredible" performance on Britian's Got Talent I will hunt them down and poke them with a stick (hard). I have nothing against Susan, and her performance was excellent, but enough is enough. I got 11 pointers to the YouTube video today. As long as I can remember I have been on a personal quest to stop people listmailing me jokes/or chain mail or blood and lymph donations or "funny" YouTube videos or "the truth" about the Israeli situation.

But, no matter how blunt or adversarial I've been(and believe me I can be blunt and adversarial), some people just don't seem to get it. Most of them are rather new to the internet. Some are just incredibly thick skinned. Listen guys, those jokes you send out, they're usually not funny at all. Yes, and make sure you check the blood drive for the kid with an incurable disease on snopes before you spam the world. Many of us get dozens and dozens of emails daily and we don't want any more. So unless you have some truly rare footage of a Tom Waits and Nick Cave duet singing a Mountain Goats song backed by the Arcade Fire, I'm not really interested. Oh, and make sure my name is the only one on the To: line. Thanks.


oliviao said...

Are you sure Arnie is not the guest blogger??

jozie said...

"Tom Waits and Nick Cave duet singing a Mountain Goats song backed by the Arcade Fire"- wow

I have to admit though, that I have watched the Susan Boyles video at least twice and also the extended version. I am waiting for them to give her a makeover on Oprah or something. I bet that will get even more hits on youtube.

BobA said...

I have to admit that I did forward that to 3 persons. Glad I didn't forward it to you, Mr. Crotchety. BTW, you've just broadcast it here in your blog.

blackpetero said...

As you well know dude, there is a large difference between the whole push and pull model. You don't have to click on the link, but you have to do something to deal with email. Don't tell me that it doesn't make you nuts when you get 20 copies of the same lame joke.

BobA said...

I agree. I don't forward something unless it really cracks me up. Look on my Facebook, i posted a link to a funny skit on Real Time. sums up the current state of the USA. Of course, that's only if you want to go click on that. :-)

mart said...

I have to agree with BPO on this one.
Firstly, you can post how ever many links to whatever stupid videos or jokes that you want on a blog or website or facebook. My choice to follow them or to even read your blog or follow your twitter.
Secondly, BCC was invented for a reason people. Don't go publish my email address to your entire joke receiving group.
And while we are at it, use the "reply to all" sparingly and wisely please.

Thanks BPO for this forum to rant and vent a bit.