Monday, April 13, 2009


We are back in the swing of things. No more bitching and moaning about the 80% robbery for the time being (but be warned, I'm far from done). One of the more useful things about Israel is a tradition where the company gives you gifts twice a year. Once at New Year and once at Pesach. It's compensation for the time you have to spend with your extended family over these holidays. Even though we managed to miss the seder, while living it up in Hungary, my Pesach gift from squint central was waiting patiently in my office for my return.

This year we got to choose the perfect gift for a squint - something connected to a plug. I figured here at bfo hq, we needed a new toaster oven, as our old one (the battered device on top in the picture) had one foot in the grave. Little did I expect that 500 sheks buys one a serious oven. Check it out (its the bottom one in the above picture, duh). It can toast 9 slices of bread simultaneously. It has a rotisserie function for roasting tofu (it's specially made). It heats up quickly and has a serious BING! when done. I love Daryl the DeLonghi. He's gonna change my life.

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