Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Before I start my first attempt at writing a blog, my extended family and I wish to convey our deepest empathy to BFO for what happened at their abode a couple of nights ago. (See previous blog). But as the saying goes: Ha'ikar Habriuth - as long as you got your health! BPO, don't give the wireless router a second thought!

My day has arrived! Shite. Just like your trusted Tuesday blogger, these past few days have been inundated with the good old klabberjas shakes! How can I, who's English and Hebrew vocabulary combined, barely reach the 80% mark.

My excuse is that I live in the country that, thanks to BPO's talent in being able to sum things up with pinpoint precision, and for many, many years before the above-titled blog was born, I was fortunate to be involved in many a deep discussion about how almost everything here is 80%.

We moved offices about 2 weeks ago and as usual, most of the sweaty movers were of the great Russian influx of immigrants over the last decade, or two. It seemed, though, from the way they mumbled and grumbled (I suppose your trusted one-time blogger would also behave that way doing what they were doing), and gnashing of their teeth, blurting out obscenities I presume are unfit to print in this respectable neighborhood, were probably a barely two weeks out of the Motherland.

So, this is the 80%. Granted, they worked extremely hard and were quite proficient, but were always in need of a screwdriver, or a spanner, a ladder and even the most basic of tools used when packing/unpacking, the trusted Japanese knife (literaly translated). I think it has a number of names "on that side of the Atlantic" - box cutter, a Stanley knife, a razor blade knife, a carpet knife, a stationery knife. C'mon guys - come prepared - geez!

As for 100%? Today is one of those days we have during the year that is called "Erev Hag" (guttural H please). It's the eve of one of our yearly inundated holidays (Pesach, this time) and it's one of those days that gradually slows down with a comfortable ease to a kind of a halt.One has to be here to really experience it. Unfortunately, it does get interrupted, now and then. Like now I have to cut up and slice a shitload of potatos for tonights feast, which, praise the Lord, is at my trusted brother's house! Phew!

I know yesterday was video day, and I know there is no music day on this blog, but I really need to share this very nostalgic, fantastic version of "The Pan Within".

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mart said...

According to the musiv video, this unintroduced guest must be Brian.
Must have seen the Waterboys at least 3 times in 1 year with you.