Sunday, April 12, 2009

We're Back

First things first. Thank you to my awesome guest bloggers. You guys did an amazing job. We were pretty far away from any decent internet access, so I only got to read the last few days postings a short while back. What can I say, I'm faklempt. You took 80% to a whole higher level.

We got home a few hours back. I got to see the damage to our lives first hand. What can I say. We were lucky. The fuckers only took computers (every single one of the eight in the house), jewelery and money. They left everything else. The irreplaceable stuff like some of Jo's jewelery and the photos, is what really bites. Our two websites,, five years of pictures and text on my guitar building, along with, with years of family pictures are no more. The killer is that all this was backed up twice. Once to an crappy old 700Mhz PC as well as a portable disk. The fuckers took both. They left nothing.

I have already had my first run in with the insurance company. They're trying to stiff us out of compensation. I am sure I will get to bitch about them in great detail in the future.

But... Hungary was great. The Lake Balaton area was just perfect for us, not too much to do, but far enough away from our daily lives that it was a complete holiday. Gilad met us on Tuesday (to be greeted with the fact that his lovely computer we had just built was gone) after a week exploring the ins and outs of the Holocaust on a school trip in Poland. From that point on we were complete. I love my family. They got up at 7am when necessary, no complains. They traipsed up and down mountain sides and swam in hot water springs. We sang along to Nick Cave, Modest Mouse and The Wall, introduced the kids to Apostrophe and Overnight Sensation, ate way too much potatoes and cheese and drank strangely carbonated salty water. It was great.

This is not much of an update, but more in the future. Thanks again to all the guest bloggers, you guys rule.


Elra said...

That must have been terrible to come home only to find everything is gone. Now that also explain why the link doesn't work. At least you had wonderful vacation.

BobA said...

Peter, the robbery really bums me out. Not because of the computers, that's a pain in the neck, sure, but they will get replaced one by one. I'm very sad about the photos. To me, that is the most valuable non-living thing.

In the future, please do two things: 1) upload all favorite photos to a site like, and 2) make DVD copies and move them offsite to a relative's house, preferrably kept in fire safes.

Good luck in getting it all straightened out. My heart goes out to you.

mart said...

Hey BFO, welcome home. Sorry about the loss. If you need a computer for a while till you get sorted, let me know. I am sure that I can put something together short notice.

blackpetero said...

Hey guys, thanks for the thoughts. Really it was only material stuff. The missing photos suck, but we'll start looking for old copies all over. I found some of the guitar building pictures at work, so that's a start. Thanks mart for the offer of the machine, but I will go out an buy what I need.