Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It's been an exhausting day. Yom Haatzmaut (Independance Day, Israel is 61) always is. We had the usual hoard over last night for a BBQ and fireworks. Raanana's fireworks were rather subdued this year in keeping with the economic atmosphere. The food was great though, and everybody arrived with excellent salads, drinks and various animal parts. And everyone helped clean up. Today we went over to wish Jeremy luck with his new venture, Jem's Beer Factory. They had BBQ for close friends and family. It's a microbrewery/pub/restaurant/concert venue in Petach Tikva. The place looks great and they can all be proud of the work they put in. I wish them a lot of luck.

From there it was a quick visit at B+I and then a stop at R+R to see blackwifeo's family. There is a slightly cool breeze blowing through the bedroom windows. The house is quiet. I am perfectly full. I hear my little bed calling..........


Anonymous said...

Hi -place sounds great - where is it exactly? Can you give me an exact address please.

e-mail me at

blackpetero said...

Jems Beer factory is at

HaMagshimim 15
Kiryat Matalon

03 - 919 5367

The official opening is Sunday May 9th