Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No Locks Please, We're Hungarian

Above is a picture of the lower floor of our lovely suite at Club Dobogomajor in Heviz, Hungary. Nice place. See the red circle. That's the bathroom door. Hungarians don't believe in keys for their bathrooms. Nowhere did we find working bathroom locks (except in very public toilets). Even the Hilton Hotel, in Budapest, had no locks on the bathroom door. What is it with Hungarians, do they like to walk in on each other in the bathroom? Do they always shout out "Is This Bathroom Currently Free?". Blackfamilyo being mostly vegetarian, make good use of bathrooms, the lack of locks made life quite difficult. We needed a prearranged protocol to avoid any mishap. It was decided a towel over the handle would signified occupancy, and this functioned in a satisfactorily manner. One's bathroom must be a place of quiet and meditation. No wonder Hungarians are ill at ease.

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jozie said...

Are they ill at ease because of the bathrooms, or because ALL their duvets and blankets are way too small/short? I thought there was a standard size to comforters, but seems I was wrong.