Wednesday, April 1, 2009


And you thought wearing black was easy. Above is what a bunch of my socks look like once they come out of the washing machine. Some show up gray in the picture, but let me assure you that's a trick of the light. It takes hours to sort into pairs. Its all based on texture and slight color differences. Much like making a puzzle (an all black puzzle). But then, I'm a firm believer that one must pay a price for one's convictions.


Liba2k said...

Ha Ha, Orly sorts mine!
I would buy new ones every time If I had to sort them.

do you know a place on the net to buy them cheap?

mart said...

This is not connected to this post but I needed to get these pictures out there.

Taken outside a popular restaurant next to my office.

This could even turn me into a vegetarian.

blackpetero said...

Yeah well, cats need to eat too. I wonder if they are fattening up the cats to make shwarma?

blackpetero said...

Itai, I do not have a place to buy cheap socks on the internet. But check out:

Its so lame. Well you buy cheap socks by going to a place that sells the cheaply.