Sunday, April 26, 2009

Facebook Observations

So I admit it. I do check Facebook from time to time. And I admit that I have hooked up with some old friends and yes I even enjoyed these exchanges. So Facebook has turned out not to be the devil in the thinly veiled disguise I first thought it was. My appreciation for it increased considerably once I found out you can silence overly vocal people by "unfriending" them, and they need never know. I still hate that whole "wall" thing. What's wrong with email? And I swear I will never play WordTwist or Scrabbelicious or whatever it's currently named.

But for facebook, I would have missed John's pointer to God's surprise visit to a local church in The Onion. Which led someone to post a pointer to this article, in my opinion the all time best of The Onion, it was posted shortly after 9/11.


jozie said...

"I thought he'd be taller."
That was an hilarious article.
Thanks for posting it (John)

So...Is it true?

blackpetero said...

Of course its true. Everything in The Onion is true. And "This Is Spinal Tap" is a documentary.

John Deuel said...

The last time God popped by our Church, he said the choir sounded nice but the organ reeds needed tuning. He had difficulty hearing the sermon even after I adjusted the sound system. I invited him to coffee hour but he had a prior engagement. We hope he drops back by sometime soon!

The Babujanies said...

My best part was the fact that the m in "me" was capitalized.

It absolutely drives Me up the wall."