Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Uselessness In Film

If there is one thing that is totally hopeless here in the Holy Land its the sarran (or cling or glad) wrap. The rubbish stuff we get here (note the "Fresh cling" above) does not adhere. The single reason this plastic film exists is to stick to things. No way. This stuff will only stick to itself, usually on the roll so it's impossible to separate and use. It never sticks to bowls or dishes or plates. Completely useless. Its another of those things, like international calls and masking tape, that due to the pressures of internationalization and price reduction have been driven so cheap and lean as to have become useless.

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jozie said...

that was a completely useless post.
I think you should start bitching about really useless stuff- like the ganavim (fuckers), and the insurance company (assholes), the kids (oblivious) and the wife who never answers the phone.