Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting Old

It definitely sucks to get old. I have to go down on a knee and bless bwo. Last night I got showered and dressed, I was already packed, and after a brief stop at Barry's to wish Kate a happy, bwo dropped me off at the airport. I stood in the security line and when the nice security man came to check my passports, I opened my pouch only to find two US passports (bwo and mine) and NO Israeli passport. I am sure I checked, but hey this old age thing and all that. In a panic I called bwo who was on her way back to the party and begged her to bring me my passport. Without the least bit of reproach or bad attitude, she drove home, picked up the forgotten passport and returned to the airport. I just made the flight. I miss her already. That's not all.

The plane was delayed for a few hours, due to a suspected "incident" with another (Croatian) plane, and the long flight was really bumpy. We arrived at Newark late and I barely made the San Fransisco flight because of all the customs and baggage hassle at Newark. Once seated on the 6 hour flight from Newark to SFO (after the 14 hour flight from TA to Newark) I tried my credit card in the entertainment system (costs $6 for DirectTV on domestic flights). It didn't work. A half hour later I realized something was missing - my wallet. Severe panic ensued. My life (credit cards, drivers license etc.) is in that wallet. The flight attendants got everyone on my side of the plane to stand and look under their seats - nada. Finally one of the attendants got on her hands and knees and crawled under a seat in front and found the dammed thing. It must have dropped on the floor and then been kicked forward. What a fool I felt. I stood up and thanked everyone and proceeded to grovel a bit. Thank god the wallet showed up.

That was the last indecent of the day. I and my luggage arrived safely in the Bay Area. My nephew's place is lovely as is seeing the family. Its been a good day so far although now it's a struggle to keep my eyes open. More tomorrow. Bwo is just such a star.

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Jozie said...

Thanks babe. It's all part of the job. Come homeeee